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Rechstanwalt in Berlin finden
Warnke Rechtsanwälte, Beratung für Ihr Business

Legal advise for your business

Warnke Rechtsanwälte

Warnke Rechtsanwälte

Rechtsanwälte Kristian Warnke und Johanna Rouette

is a Berlin law firm specialised in commercial law, located on Kurfürstendamm. We advise our clients in particular in the following areas of law:

We provide legal advice to national and international entrepreneurs and companies at home and abroad, of course also in the English language.


Rechtsanwalt, Kurfürstendamm, Berlin


Rechtsanwalt Kristian Warnke
Kristian Warnke

Lawyer since: 1999

Johanna Rouette, Rechtsanwältin
Johanna Rouette

Lawyer since: 2002

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Rechtsberatung Warnke Berlin
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