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Areas of Law

Commercial law covers a wide range of rules and regulations that affect business life. In this complex environment, entrepreneurs and businesses face a wide range of legal challenges that require expert advice. Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive support in all essential matters. We guide you from the planning or commencement of your business to the implementation of a succession plan. Our expertise in business law enables us to develop individual solutions and minimise legal risks.


Our range of services includes advice on company acquisitions, sales and successions, company law, real estate and construction law, commercial tenancy law and employment law. We help you achieve your business goals and make legally sound decisions. We are at your side as a reliable partner, contributing to your business success.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with your business. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to find the best possible solution to your legal needs.


Acquisition, sale and succession of businesses

Selling or buying a business requires specialist knowledge, strategic thinking and a deep understanding of the economics of this complex process. It also requires your confidence that we will handle your life's work with care. Our experience enables us to provide you with tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals.


We will guide you through all the legal aspects of the sale process from start to finish. This includes drafting an LOI, conducting due diligence, structuring the transaction and negotiating contracts while protecting your interests. We have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contracts relating to the transfer of businesses. We ensure that your interests are best protected and that all legal aspects are taken into account.


A successful business succession requires careful preparation and planning. We can help you create and implement a tailored succession plan that takes into account your personal and business objectives.


Tax issues play a crucial role in business transfer and succession. We work closely with tax advisers to ensure optimal structuring and to minimise potential tax risks.


Throughout the process, you will have access to our network of highly specialised business brokers who can analyse the entire market and introduce you to suitable buyers.


Corporate law

From the formation of a company to its succession, we can help you choose the appropriate legal form, draft articles of association, set up and implement joint ventures, restructure and reorganise your business and arrange for succession. We represent your interests in disputes with other shareholders and in the sale or acquisition of a company.


In order to achieve optimal results in structuring corporate solutions, we attach great importance to working together with your tax advisor. The close integration of tax and business expertise is the key to a successful corporate structure. If necessary, we can call on a number of tax advisors, business brokers, etc. from our network, with whom we have repeatedly worked successfully for many years.

Immobilien- und Baurecht

Real estate and construction law

We are at your disposal at all stages of property transactions and development projects. We can advise you on all aspects of property law. Whether it is the purchase or sale of real estate, the drafting of contracts, the performance of due diligence or the resolution of disputes relating to land and land rights.


In construction law, we advise developers and investors, construction companies and architects at all stages, from contract drafting and during construction to the completion of the project. Our experience shows that minimising the potential for conflict at an early stage, for example by drafting clear contracts, saves costs. If a dispute cannot be avoided, we will guide you through the construction process as experienced litigators.

Gewerbliches Mietrecht

Commercial tenancy law

We advise real estate companies on the letting of office and commercial space. Our work in the field of commercial tenancy law includes in particular the drafting and negotiation or review of tenancy agreements and property management agreements as well as the representation in and out of court in disputes relating to tenancy law. We have many years of experience advising operators of complex real estate such as shopping centres, logistics properties, business parks, business incubators, medical/office centres, etc.


We understand the complex challenges you face as a landlord of commercial property and offer tailored solutions to protect your interests.


Employment law

As an entrepreneur, you face a wide range of employment law challenges. We offer the best solutions and professional advice to protect your business interests and minimise your employment risks. Employment law is a complex and constantly evolving area of law. We have the necessary knowledge and keep up-to-date with the latest developments. This enables us to provide you with reliable advice and support in implementing legally compliant and effective human resources strategies.


Preventive advice: We can help you avoid employment problems in the first place. Through a thorough analysis of your employment contracts, works agreements and policies, we identify potential risks and offer solutions to prevent potential conflicts.


Conflict resolution: In the event of an employment dispute, we will provide you with our expertise. We represent your interests in court and before the authorities. Our aim is to find efficient and appropriate solutions that best promote your business objectives.


Employment contracts: We can help you draft legally sound employment contracts that take into account your interests as an employer.


Terminations: We can advise you on all aspects of termination law, helping you to implement terminations and termination agreements legally and to minimise potential risks.


Works agreements: We help you draft and negotiate company agreements to ensure optimal cooperation with your works council.


Working hours and remuneration: We can advise on working time arrangements, overtime rules and minimum wage compliance.


Please contact us to arrange a meeting. We look forward to helping you with your employment law issues and to working with you to achieve success.

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